“When All Was Right With The World”

A little known fact about me is that in October of 2018 my parents made the decision to separate. It was for the best, however it didn’t make it any less sucky. I dealt with it in my own odd ways; getting an ear piercing, writing emo diary entries and watching YouTube channels of families who were “whole”.

Things have calmed down now and it’s become the new normal, however, when thinking about old family memories, the phrase; “When all was right with the world” keeps coming to mind. Now obviously nothing has ever been perfect in our world. I’m an optimist but even I know we’ve made our world a pretty fucked up place. However, it’s hard not to think of something that used to be so good and not feel like something went wrong. For the last couple years before my parents separated, I knew it was a ticking time bomb. I would savour our family vacations and dinners together, with the thought at the back of my head that it could go away in an instant. I knew I needed to collect these memories so that in a way, it would feel like we were still together once the “bomb went off”.

But I’ve come to realize that “when all was right in the world” doesn’t just have to refer to something as serious as family. I feel that sense of safety in the little things: arguing with my sister over who gets shotgun, goofing off in textiles class with my friends, practicing Spanish in my head in the back of my car while my mom laughs at me because my lips were moving, texting theatre memes to my drama friends, choir rehearsal, and improv practice. Your world can change in an instant, but that doesn’t mean everything has to be demolished. We’ve made new normals and learned new things about ourselves (like apparently my Dad is a great cook!). No matter what is happening, just try and savour the tiniest things that you will someday remember as “when all was right in the world”.

11 thoughts on ““When All Was Right With The World”

    1. It’s really great to know someone long enough to see them grow. And yet kindergarten to now you haven’t really changed. Still as you say “Seizing the day” in even small ways. It’s such a large world that has everything to offer including an ear for your outlooks. Though sometimes we might not be super close or find that time rides against us I know that we will always be able to pass a smile which is something I could never be more thankful for.


    1. “You’re” and thanks for visiting my blog! I would advise not to leave comments like this on other people’s posts because you could seriously hurt someone if they are at the beginning of this process. Be sure to subscribe to hear about my posts when I release them!


    2. Ummmmm bitch, give me a moment to say fuck u. I get that u r doing this for ur entertainment in getting a kick out of someone but this topic is sensitive. So fuck u ( I’m acctully dumb so if this doesn’t show as a reply to the bitch who said…”you are the reason…”, Then it is for that ass)


  1. Hey I think it’s amazing how u r so body positive I’m super skinny and it kind of hurts me when ppl say curvy girls r the best and stuff bc I have tried so hard to gain weight. Advise on loving urself cuz u sure as hell do. Ly my queen.
    Pps: advice on how to not get jealous?


    1. It is so easy to compare yourself to other people and we have all been there! However, one day I just realized that there was nothing wrong with me and everything wrong with societal standards telling us what we should or shouldn’t look like. Your body is absolutely perfect because it’s yours!


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