Why I Decided To Do Miss BC 2019

To start off, I want to clarify that the “Miss, Mrs, and Miss Teen BC” pageant is a very different thing from Miss Teenage Canada as I know many get confused.

I heard about Miss BC, a charity pageant held in Langley, while in the process of asking former Miss Teenage Canada contestants if Miss Teenage Canada is worth it. I facebook messaged many girls I had seen on the 2015 list, asking them if they had a good experience (most said no, see “Why I Decided Not To Do Miss Teenage Canada”). One girl reached out to me telling me it was a terrible idea, but that she had no regrets participating in the Miss BC pageant. Like I said in my Miss Teenage Canada post, I’m a “seize the day” sort of person, so I looked it up.

I read through their mission statement and the things they stood for and it got me excited. Their whole event was centred around raising money for charity, connecting with your community and boosting self confidence. Now, one of the reasons I had applied for my first pageant was to be an image of a non Barbie-looking person who owned and loved it. From reading the goals of Miss BC, that was everything it stood for.

I also appreciated that they provided videos of their show in prior years on the website. Miss Teenage Canada showed tiny snippets AFTER going through their entire application process, hiding things from you throughout. However, Miss BC was full disclosure, showing every single second of the show and what the girls are judged on as well as some videos from the days leading up.

Quite frankly, you are being judged on your interviewing skills, your confidence while showing off your gown, and your creativity with your 20 second sports presentation and sponsor costume.

Another thing I loved about the video is that there were girls who LOOKED LIKE ME. It was most certainly not just Barbies, it was girls and women of all heights, sizes, ethnicities, and backgrounds. In fact, in my interview they said that not a single part of acceptance was “looks based”, they wanted to know your passions and personality.

Then came my interview, it was a live interview in a Starbucks. It felt very relaxed (however I couldn’t find them at first). There were three staff members performing the interviews for the three different groups (Miss, Mrs, and Miss Teen). I was put with Darren, the host of the pageant and quite possibly the nicest human on the planet. He asked me how I had found Miss BC and I gave him the whole story of my bad Miss Teenage Canada experience. He had apparently worked for them once and not agreed with their morals either. We had a great conversation about why I wanted to do the pageant. I explained to him that you never see short haired, plus size, outspoken, LGBT+ contestants in things like this. After that explanation, he told me I was in, within the first five minutes of the thirty minute interview. We then proceeded to talk about random things like how much we love our moms and how annoying high school is. After that he gave me a package with all the information about the three days leading up to the show.

All the contestants stay in one hotel and the three days are packed with team building activities and workshops. The lineup of workshops include interview skills, choreography, and self-defence. During the three days you have a private interview with the judges, which is one of the most major judging categories.

I am now happy to say I have a major sponsor; Butter Lane Bake Shop and Tea House, and I am now able to do the fun pre-event preparation like raising money for Cops For Cancer, finding my dress, and preparing my song for the charity talent show.

I can’t wait for June to come and to meet the whole team of incredible people at “Miss, Mrs, and Miss Teen BC” and I hope you will come on July 1st!

12 thoughts on “Why I Decided To Do Miss BC 2019

    1. Thanks for the compliment! I’m assuming you meant “phat” (dictionary definition being; “excellent”). However, if you meant “fat” (defined in the English dictionary as; “having a large amount of excess flesh.”) then you clearly didn’t read my post. I explained in the post that a large part of the reason I was participating in the pageant was that I am, as you say, “fat”. I felt that people who looked like me were underrepresented in “beauty culture” and I felt I could easily do a pageant as I see my body as nothing less than perfect. In fact, you may have just inspired a future post so thank you!


  1. I think you went into this competition the wrong way. You went into the pageant labelling yourself as the “lgbt, not skinny, and outspoken” participent. While all of these traits are lovable and outstanding traits to have, it feels like you used these to guilt the judges. I understand you’ve probably had a lot of fun and you wanted to dress up on a stage and present yourself. I think you entered for the wrong reasons as many pageant girls use the platform for scholarships to further their education, and to have a voice on modern issues. And not just “women’s rights” as you so often vaguely preach. I see you mentioned that a reason you entered was because you saw “girls like you” and that the pageant is for confidance. I have often see you backhandedly talk about skinny girls and girls you think are “stereotypes” or as you say “crop top girls”. You shame them for dressing the way they dress and for being thinner. Weight is usually a genetic thing so if someone is skinny it doesn’t mean they don’t have self image issues. You tend to only support girls who you think don’t fit into social standards and put down the ones who do. I think if you do some thing similar again. Don’t position yourself as the “not a majority/not a stereotype” candidate but present your personality. Present your hobbies, like acting which you’ve been doing since you were a child. This has been something that has been bugging me so I had to share my thoughts, sorry if I offended you.


    1. Thank you so much for your feedback! I had never meant to offend anyone so I always love hearing if someone feels targeted so I can change. Despite presenting myself in a more mature way often, many forget that I am only 14. I must admit that I joined the program to have new experiences and make new friends, as well widen my knowledge of different fields our many workshops taught us about, but that didn’t mean I didn’t have something I needed to speak about. In my finalist speech I discussed why the lack of representation of any body type in beauty culture can be harmful and how girls that are plus size, thin, and anything in between may feel like something is wrong with them or harbour mean behaviour in children to those who seem different. I am happy to share that I won the regional title and will use my platform to talk about the important issues surrounding all forms of making someone feel less than for things they can’t control. This will include sexual orientation, health and mental health status, and like what you mentioned; diverse body types through genetics. I never meant to hurt anyone and if you care to message me privately on social media and away from the curtain of being anonymous I would love to hear about the specific things that bothered you so I can grow and live out my year as Miss Teen Greater Vancouver giving the absolute best influence I can.


      1. Wow, Rose! I am so impressed with the way you responded to the person who decided to write that unkind message on the morning you are celebrating your win! You are wise beyond your years. I agree, if someone has a concern, they should be brave enough to speak to you directly, not write a comment on a blog anonymously. I know what an incredible person you are and I am so proud to call you my friend. You always route for those that are hurting, more than any other 14 year old I know! You are the perfect person to speak about the tough issues you described above. I hope whoever wrote that comment above will use that energy to also make a positive difference in the world. We can all make positive change if we choose to do so:)! Congrats again Rose, you are a true champion!


      2. Wow. What an incredibly mature and logical response, Rose. Validating the commenter, requesting specifics, and welcoming private dialogue. I was going to offer some backup but I see that you’ve got this. And I’m pretty sure the judges are way beyond being guilted into any of their decisions. Don’t let anyone try to convince you that it wasn’t your own unique and individual soul that was judged as the winner of the contest.


  2. Hey queen. U r going places it’s such a skill to not b like the other people in ur grade and personally i wish i was more like u. ❤️


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