On a Great Raven’s Wings

A love letter to my home.

Oh, great mountain, why do you stare? Are you reading my secrets? Perhaps judging my hair?

For a mountain so grand aren’t I something bland?

Such a powerful giant, so wise and free, why must you insist on staring at me?

Surely there are more exciting things to see.

Perhaps those whales I fear, or bears, or deer!

Your valley is home to so many things, why not linger your sights on a great raven’s wings?

I sit still as you do, I have given no prompt: but I welcome your presence as you spy, as you taunt. 

I suppose we can both sit in silence as the ocean breeze sings and together we’ll spend the short time our sun brings.

But as she dives to foreign skies – please rest your wise eyes on a great raven’s wings.

3 thoughts on “On a Great Raven’s Wings

  1. Oh Thou Omniscient “Adult-child”.. I here to fore acclaim you higher, taller, deeper, wiser, smarter than most of Mother Earth’s mortal beings !!!!


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