Today I Argued With a Dog

Today I argued with a dog,

Twas an unusual exchange.

He sat and stared at my widened eye as my tone began to change.

He gave but not a small response as I confessed to him my woes,

He simply sat and took the form of anything I chose.

Innocent as he lay, the pooch grew into a school.

He was not my death, but rather haven from isolating rule.

Shrinking down to thrice my size, as the pup, appeared a car.

It puttered forward a foot or two, but only made it that far.

Expanding up into abyss, the dog rolled out a service stair,

Joyfully, I ran to his stain-glass, only to see no one there.

As I shrunk back down the concrete steps, the mut became a tree,

I sat at the base, as his dark eyes looked down and pondered me.

“Why do you argue?” Asked the pine, whose branches were consumed by fog,

“How silly you look, alone at home, arguing with a dog.”

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