If I May Reminisce

There was a time

When our joy was not staged.

When your stories, and mine

Were not yet a burnt page;

When I’d look to your eyes,

And believe that they cared,

And what came to fruition?

I never had dared.

Your laugh followed mine,

And the same, in reverse.

The things I would say to you,

I needn’t rehearse.

Who could have predicted

What became of us two?

I certainly hadn’t,

No matter what we would do.

I wonder if our story’s end

Would have been disparaged,

Without the harsh realities

We both mounted on our carriage.

Your wheels sank down

Lower in the earth,

Than mine which treaded lightly,

The dust below, barely turfed.

I saw the road ahead,

As you looked down at the soil.

My head grazed the wires,

As you were cut by their coils.

When we would embrace,

It would just seem to fit.

You brought me such peace,

Unaware it was a myth.

I now don’t feel unsettled,

I don’t feel enraged,

I wonder if I may reminisce

To when our joy was not staged.

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