Positivity, bro.

Something people often notice about me is that I take a fairly “bright side” approach to life. I try to always see the best in a situation and what good could come out of it. Being optimistic, however, hasn’t always been easy.

As a little kid, I always knew what I wanted. I was decisive and *very* bossy. When things didn’t go my way, I did not handle it well. I always saw the worst in situations and did anything I could to get out of the ones I didn’t like. My parents always told me; “be thankful,” and I was, just not the most vocal about it by any standard.

Though I am extremely headstrong, I always did my best to take feedback and advice, one of which I was given often was to try and see the bright side.

Having a very rough school year in seventh grade, it was hard for me to see the best in my circumstances because the year was quite frankly, shitty. However, once I got to high school I was so thankful to finally be in a new situation, I didn’t know how on earth I could be mad about the little things when my life had completely flipped and I had been blessed with so many things. I would say that was the beginning of me deciding to live optimistically and not let small battles win the war.

I have found that over the last two years my attitude and outlook on life has changed drastically, and for the better! My friends often joke that i’m always smiling. It’s not because I feel like I have to, obviously (refer to Fuck Gender Roles). I feel that despite all the crap going on in the world, I have been placed in an INSANELY good situation and it would be completely stupid not to enjoy every moment of it because it could be taken away from you at any second (see When All Was Right With The World). Like I mentioned in the post just linked, the sad truth is that despite what you are going through, there is a chance that your situation may be redefined at any second, and stay that way for a while. So celebrate every victory and see the growth within the losses.

I encourage all my readers to please, for one day at least, try and see the beauty that can come out of a bad situation. It can really flip your attitude around, and you may begin to see exactly how beautiful life can be!

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